June 16, 2015

I can't believe it is here already, but Skamania Mania is this weekend. And it is the 25th one already.

That is Jacob Gurney, last year's winner.


Here is the word on this year from Mike McKee:




June 16, 2015

The historic black bear in northwest Indiana is one the move.


And this seemed like an apt Yogi Bear clip from YouTube for the occasion.

Here is the latest update from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:


Black bear continues westward path in northern Indiana



June 14, 2015

Norm Minas has some thoughts on all this high water--and looks to be around for a while--and catfishing, especially for taking kids.


Minas, for those unacquainted with him, is the great wanderer and fishermen on the Kankakee River, especially the Illinois side.


He drop...

June 12, 2015

Maybe Notre Dame football could use a wandering black bear for some practice.


There is one confirmed wandering around near South Bend.


Here is the word from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.


Wandering black bear confirmed in St. Joseph County


Department of N...

June 12, 2015

Over the past week, I've seen the tell-tale signs of ripe mulberries on back roads: the squashed dark splatters under overhanging road-side trees.


And I could not figure out why there were no ripe mulberries around the town pond.


Well, that changed this morning. I not...

June 11, 2015

Kevin Nelson started it with what I thought was a good question about fishing by boat in the Indiana marinas on Lake Michigan.


He emailed:


Is there a list of the no fishing areas by boat in Indiana marinas? I...

June 11, 2015

OK, I was wrong the other day. Both of the Butt Buckets outside of the town's corner tavern were not themed for the Chicago Bears.


No, one of them most definitely has Cubs on it. As you can see.


Now that makes me wonder. Was somebody at the Station Street Pub being fun...

June 8, 2015

As, Lady and I rambled off this morning, I was expecting to see more storm damage than we did. But there was not that much, just one branch down on the road by the ball field on the edge of town.

While I was picking the branch up and throwing it to the side, I spotted a...

June 7, 2015

The month of February brings for me the renewal of my vehicle and boat registration. This year it cost me $180.00 to renew my boat and trailer registration. Ironically, that was more expensive than any of my three vehicles. While reviewing my paperwork there is a “Lake...

June 5, 2015

This evening one those events I have meant to attend forever is coming to Chicago: New Belgium Brewing's annual Clips Beer & Film Tour. Unfortunately, I have an early long trip Saturday morning, so I need to take a pass. But I would love to hear from someone who does a...

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